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While there are consumer pans that bear the brand name Chicago Metallic, there is only one Chicago Metallic. The Chicago Metallic Pans that carry the Bundy Eagle are pans that are made exclusively in the USA. Chicago Metallic pans represent the industry’s highest standards for quality, service and durability.

Their pans represent the industry’s highest standards for quality, service and durability. After you use their pans, there will be no doubt as to which Chicago Metallic you prefer.

Benefits of Buying Chicago Metallic Baking Pans

Chicago Metallic CR Peterson and Associates Shorter Delivery Times – Shipping can be measured in days instead of weeks.

Better Quality Control – All pans are designed, manufactured and inspected in house.

Responsive Customer Service – Their knowledgeable customer service department is available to answer your questions or help you with ordering.

Reliable Safety & Compliance Measures – All bakeware and coatings meet industry standards and relevant federal, state and local regulations.

Fewer Inventory/Stock Issues – They manufacture and ship from their facility in Humboldt, Tennessee which allows them to maintain strict control of their inventory levels.

More American Jobs – Your orders help create and keep American jobs and strengthen the economy.

Multiple Coating & Pan options  – Chiacgo Metallic offers four coatings to meet your every need. Now there are two colors of our DuraShield Fluoropolymer (dark for everyday baking), and now PURPLE (for allergen-free baking), OptiShield, and AMERICOAT ePLUS, the baking industry’s leading silicone bakery release coating (“glaze”). While our glazed pans are carried in stock, most DuraShield® coated pans are made to order, but with reduced minimum orders.

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Chicago Metallic Bakeware

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