MFG Tray

Molded Fiber Glass Tray Company,  offers an extensive line of products expressly designed for food storage, preparation and merchandising. MFG Tray food service products offer inherent strength and weight-carrying capacity. They stack without sagging or bending. They safely handle items to be frozen or refrigerated. MFG Tray food service products clean in conventional dishwashers or with steam.

Many MFG Tray food service trays and containers have NSF certification. They list under the NSF Ansi 2-Food Service Equipment. The smooth, nonporous surface of composite products resists odors, stains and mildew. The surface resists harm from detergents.


 MFG Tray

Foodservice Trays & Bakery Trays

Pan Extenders: Pan extenders are an innovative solution ensuring straight edges for baked goods, eliminating trimming losses while preventing over-baking and are designed to accommodate standard baking temperatures.

Trays: MFG Tray’s comprehensive lines of display traysnon-slip serving trays and cafeteria trays ensure functionality, durability and easy cleaning for cafeterias, bakeries and restaurants.

Dough Trays and Boxes: Features such as nearly airtight stacking, product protection and durability have made MFG Tray dough trays and boxes the industry standard in dough storage, proofing and handling.

Proofing Boards: MFG Tray proofing boards won’t bend, warp or sag. Designed for use with standard proofing racks, they clean easily in standard washers.Storage Containers: Nest and stack containers, stacking containers and storage boxes ensure exceptional function and value for an array of storage applications.

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