Doyon offers a full line of equipment to furnish your bakery. Products include water meters, mixers, proofers, dividers & rounders, all the way to sheeters, ovens, and slicers. The Doyon brand has always signified quality and being the best in every category. The bakery world is unique, scientific, and surgically precise. This, in short, summarizes the product features. Whether in need of equipment for retail, wholesale, pizza, and more, Doyon has it all.

JA Series Convection Ovens

The JA Series from Doyon is known worldwide for its unique and patented Jet Air System, which moves air in one direction for 2.5 minutes, stops for 20 seconds, then moves the air in the opposite direction for 2.5 minutes resulting in a gentle velocity air flow for exceptional baking results. This system will help you bake faster and more evenly without having to turn your pans. And at half of the baking time you can increase your baking efficiency. Competitors units will bake only one side or unevenly (muffins blow over, bakes only the outside, etc.).  Doyon ovens will bake better and your employees will be able to continue preparations without having to constantly turn pans.

JA Series ovens use an outstanding uniform steam injection system, that includes an electronic timer. This system will give you a precise mist every time for a better quality product. The JA Series ovens superior steam system will allow all employees to produce quality products with little training.

Doyon JA Series

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