Marsal Pizza Ovens


Brick oven



With an even, powerful heat, don’t rotate those pies ever again. Get a crisp, delicious crust that’ll make your customers crave for more.


1Get That Superior Bake.

Exclusive Burner Design

To get to the heart of Marsal ingenuity, first look at the burner system. On all Marsal ovens, they use a two-inch-thick brick cooking surface that holds the heat in, dispersing it throughout the baking deck. Underneath, we include our signature left-to-right burner design so that every pie has part of the burner system directly underneath it.


Keep an Even Bake Throughout.

Innovative Air Chamber

All Marsal ovens are designed with our special innovative air chamber, located below the cooking surface, which eliminates hotspots so there is no need to spin or rotate pies. The MB Series is engineered to keep up at your busiest times, as well as radiate a powerful heat evenly throughout the baking chamber to give you a crispier, brick-oven styled crust and product that your customers love.


That Old-World Look & Taste.

Arched Brick-Lined Ceiling

Dreaming of the crispy, delicious taste of old-world pizza? You don’t need an old-country oven for that! The arched refractory brick-lined ceiling of the MB Series ovens develops more heat synchronization, enabling the oven to maintain temperature more efficiently and evenly.

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