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There is a Middleby Marshall conveyor oven to fit every restaurant food cooking and capacity need. With their patented Energy Management System, a Middleby Marshall saves operators on energy costs from the very first day of use, while delivering a perfect, consistent product that diners come back for time and time again.

Middleby Marshall is the world leader in conveyor cooking. Middleby conveyors are not only durable, but provide a perfect bake every time.

Middleby Marshall wow2 oven CR Peterson

WOW² Principle with exclusive VAF (Variable Air Flow)

The Middleby Marshall WOW!2 conveyor series oven utilizes advanced VAF impingement technology. This technology allows the user full control of the air flow on the top and bottom of the baking chamber. End users can control the top and bottom zone air flow. The main control allows for instant results and full control of air movement, time, and temperature settings. The exterior of the oven is cool to the touch, which safely gives users cooler working conditions. The WOW² oven is designed to cook endless amounts of food products including pizza, chicken, seafood, sandwiches and more.

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