Since 1954, Rotisol S.A. has been crafting the world’s most beautiful and efficient rotisseries and catering equipment from its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Chelles, France. An independent company owned and run by the Wittig family for more than 50 years, Rotisol not only continues the fine tradition of this historic and popular style of French cooking, it has been responsible for many innovations over the years.

Rotisol’s precise engineering ensures the exact rotation speed required by the European style of cooking. This cooking process, called “self-basting”, involves a combination of cooked to perfection every time! heat and air flow that allows the chicken to constantly baste itself, sealing in the juices and allowing the fat to drip off. Cooking times are very fast. The finished product is crispy on the outside, moist inside. With Rotisol you will give your customers delicious, healthy, roasted products

Rotisol Masterflame Rotisserie CR Peterson


Luxury equipment for the gastronomic world

Rotisol’s MasterFlame series offers visible flames and chain-driven spits in a dramatic display of roasting foods visible from three sides. Rotisol’s vertical spit system adds to the drama. In addition to romance, its superior design conserves energy, and its accessories enable a delicious level of versatility. Individual independent spit motors and multiple burners (larger models) increase dependability.


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