CR Peterson & Hatco: A History of Innovative Foodservice Solutions

CR Peterson & Hatco: A History of Innovative Foodservice Solutions


300Hatco is one of the most diverse manufacturers of foodservice equipment in the industry. Since 1950, they’ve been an innovative leader in the drive to improve efficiency, reliability, and profits. Each durable design is built to handle rugged foodservice demands, from warming and toasting to sanitizing and refrigerating. To see how diverse their product line really is, let’s take a look at three of Hatco’s most popular units:



Decorative Carving Stations

DCS400-1-300x300Carving stations serve a variety of purposes. First, they should preserve and hold food at safe and constant temperatures. Second, they should provide a versatile way to serve customers. And finally, they should look good.

The DCS400 line of decorate carving stations is Hatco’s answer to these important characteristics. Perfect for chef stations in restaurants, hotels, country clubs, casinos, catering, and more, the DCS400 line comes in a variety of options:

  • Counter Mount (DCS400-1CM)
  • Freestanding (DCS400-1)
  • Round (DCSB400-R24-1)
  • Small Rectangular (DCSB400-2420-1)
  • Large Rectangular (DCSB400-3624-2)




Drop-In Hot/Cold Well (HCWBI)

Whether it is breakfast in the morning or a salad bar at lunch, Hatco’s Drop-In Hot/Cold Well incorporates the legendary Hatco quality of both the Heated and Refrigerated Wells into one unit.

  • Includes auto-defrost, easy serviceability, optimal insulation and efficient condenser, similar to the CWB Refrigerated Well.
  • Utilizes the FR2 Hydro-Heater Rethermalizer/Bain-Marie Heater with 
“free flow” technology for an efficient and safe operation with a longer life.
  • Equipped with simple controls for ease of use and adjustable set points to keep particular food items at optimum serving temperatures.




Portable Heated Glass Shelf Modular (HGSM-1P)

Hatco’s Portable Heated Glass Shelf Modular features black ceramic glass to create uniform heat across the entire top surface, and the modular design allows for great flexibility and for units to be placed side-by-side.

  • Includes thermostatic controls with temperature ranges of 130°F, 150°F, 165°F, 185°F and 200° F (55°C, 65°C, 75°C, 85°C and 95°C).
  • Constructed with durable stainless steel housing.
  • Simple design allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.


See Hatco equipment at our upcoming open house.

Come see these innovative Hatco units at the CRP Open House on Monday and Tuesday, November 3rd and 4th.

Please register for this event, and let us know how we can help increase efficiencies in your kitchen.

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