Creating Perfect Pizza with Stone Hearth Cooking

Creating Perfect Pizza with Stone Hearth Cooking


So you’ve already discovered there’s nothing like a pizza cooked on a stone hearth. You want to replicate that crispy crust time and time again. You want your customers to recognize your foodservice establishment for quality and consistency. What’s the next step?


Finding the Right Stone Hearth Oven


Creating Perfect Pizza With Stone Hearth CookingThere’s a reason establishments like Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Wolfgang Puck, and Whole Foods use Wood Stone hearth ovens. Wood Stone has perfected their designs, and more than any other hearth stone oven line, they offer:


  • Flexibility between heat sources
  • Greater temperature consistency
  • Optimal durability


Pizza is one of the most consumed food products in the United States, and selecting the right oven gives foodservice establishments an opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competition. With so many pizza connoisseurs in this country, your customers will know the difference. Consider this:


13% of Americans eat pizza on any given day


An Introduction to Wood Stone Hearth Ovens


MOUNTAIN SERIES – Wood Stone’s traditional stone hearth ovens are offered in four oven sizes, with cooking surfaces ranging from 9 sq. ft. to 45 sq. ft. Available in multiple fuel configurations.


BISTRO LINE – Don’t let their size fool you! The Bistro Series ovens are constructed using the same materials as their larger commercial kitchen ovens and will provide the same intense cooking environment for pizza and more.


FIRE DECK SERIES – Fire Deck ovens are designed to provide the same excellent baking and roasting characteristics as the Mountain Series ovens, but their rectangular shape and extra-wide doorway provides easier access and great visibility.


DESIGNER SERIES – Wood Stone’s custom oven series continues to grow due to customer’s requests and needs. They offer a varied range of custom oven configurations. Don’t see what you are looking for? Call us to discuss your vision!


TRADITIONAL SERIES – The Traditional Series provides an Old World look with the New World technology and design you’ve come to expect from Wood Stone.


SPECIALTY OVENS – Need a Tandoor oven for naan bread? Perhaps a Pita Bread Oven? Or a Duck Oven? Maybe you are looking for a niche with our Coal-Fired Oven or our Naples Style Pizza Oven. Don’t see what you are looking for? Let us know.


The Wood Stone Points of Difference


Curious to learn more about Wood Stone hearth? Here are 10 reasons why there has never been an oven like today’s Wood Stone, as well as how you can benefit from each point.

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