Why Toaster Ovens Are Important to QSRs That Serve Breakfast

Whether you serve donuts, bagels, or any other type of quick serve breakfast options, one of the most important pieces of equipment in your foodservice operation is your toaster. Even for quick serve restaurants that also serve lunch and dinner, a quality toaster oven can offer menu diversity that leads to higher sales.

According to recent trends, though, the future of lunch and dinner could be breakfast. A recent article in QSR Magazine discussed how the demand for breakfast throughout the day is at an all-time high, and according to the National Restaurant Association (NRA), seven out of 10 consumers would like to see breakfast offered at all hours.

“Breakfast hasn’t traditionally been the most common dining-out daypart, but with the increasingly busy lifestyles we lead today, consumer interest is definitely stemming from the blurring of normal meal periods,” said Annika Stensson, the NRA’s director of research communications.

Included in the new wave of all-day QSR menu items are things like toaster sandwiches and bagels, but while many QSRs would like to expand their breakfast service, it can often include staffing, quality control, and operational issues. One way to overcome these factors is with versatile, easy-to-use equipment.

The Importance of the Toaster

A toaster can do much more than toast. QSRs that maximize the potential of their toaster ovens can brown, melt, finish, and even cook items. The right unit can replace existing toasting platforms and also add greater menu versatility, energy efficiency, and cost savings. With the right toaster oven, quick serve restaurants and fast casual foodservice operations are only limited by their imaginations.

Does your toaster oven measure up?

– Can it operate in four different toasting modes?
– Does it have a USB port located on the front for easy transfer of information?
– Can it hold up to 18 different product settings?
– Can it sense when product is near and automatically activate?
– Does it have a monitoring system to adjust speeds during peak periods?

Introducing the Smartest Toaster in the Industry

The Intelligent Toast-Qwik® from Hatco can do all of the above – and more. With its individually controlled top and bottom heating elements, a multi-speed and two-directional conveyor belt, and a programmable touchpad control with display, the ITQ from Hatco is the smartest and easiest-to-use toaster oven in the industry.

Find out how your QSR and fast causal restaurant can toast well into the evening. Expand your breakfast menu into the afternoon, or add breakfast flair to your existing lunch and dinner menus with an ITQ toaster.

Download your free introduction to the Hatco Intelligent Toast-Qwik® Toasters.

Download your free ITQ spec sheet, and find out how your foodservice operation can benefit from the smartest toaster in the industry.


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